Condition Monitoring Services

Protecting Critical Assets

  • Non-intrusive maintenance during normal operation

  • Cost avoidance benefits greater than cost of the service

  • Essential for productivity improvement

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring techniques help determine the condition of your in-service equipment, so you can conveniently schedule remedial tasks and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

This allows you to better plan the work and reduce unscheduled stops, thereby increasing your overall asset availability.

Benefits include reduced maintenance costs, increased production throughput and longer equipment life.

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Why Musk?

We are asset care specialists and we will ensure that your condition monitoring programme is a key component of your plant maintenance strategy.

Continuous improvement is a key focus for us – we make sure your CBM programme is optimised to maximise your value.

No ‘data dogs’ here! All our condition-based monitoring engineers are qualified reliability engineers. They will work with your team to ensure condition monitoring remedial actions are understood and actioned to avoid breakdowns.

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How We Work

We work with you to make sure remedial recommendations are justified, understood and actioned – If this is not at the core of your condition monitoring activity you will not realise the benefits.

Musk provide a holistic CBM service ensuring the best mix of techniques are used to suit the criticality, accessibility and failure characteristics of your assets – this ensures you receive a highly effective service.

We follow a 6-stage process, based on equipment criticality, working with you to mobilise an effective condition-based monitoring programme.

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