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Resilience Engineering

How resilience planning can help you survive and thrive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on people and communities, with organisations facing disruptions and challenges.

Along with protecting our people and managing the supply chain, operational resilience in Facilities Engineering industry has become more important than ever.

Having a robust and agile business is the key to responding to business disruption and safeguard people whilst keeping your operations functioning.  Scrupulous business resilience and continuity planning is essential and will determine the businesses ability to respond, carry on and recover.

The basis of a comprehensive resilience plan covers:

Business Impact Reasoning: Understanding and prioritising the risks to your critical business functions is essential.  Identify a management system that will protect against, and reduce the likelihood of, and help ensure you can recover from disruptive events.  Some areas to consider may be factory operations, supply network, industrial system, and digital architecture

Risk Assessment: Ensure your business understands the effectiveness of existing risk controls and treatments that will prevent threats from disrupting your essential business functions.  Categorising and creating a risk rating framework around potential loss of areas such as facilities, loss of data, employees, supply chain etc. can help mitigate impact on the bottom line

Resilience Methodology: A practical and intelligent Business Continuity Plan and supporting materials referencing the above measures will ensure readiness by your employees in disruptive scenarios

Training:  Practical and regular employee training is critical to successful response and resilience.  It provides an ongoing cultural reassurance for people in your organisation alongside well-thought out, measured and accurate emergency responsiveness

Measurement & Monitoring: Ongoing evaluation will ensure continual improvement and adjustment to your programme.  Define a solid and sustainable framework that works in the context of your business and aligns with your organisation’s goals.

In this and any crisis, the way you do business cannot remain the same.   Programme your business to bounce forward and not only survive but remain successful.


Edwin James Group is a leading engineering services business delivering technical and process services across the UK.

Businesses that operate within the group include Parker Technical Services (Project solutions, facilities services, mechanical and electrical services), Parker Energy (Smart energy management), Musk Process Services (Process projects and asset care) and Peak Technology Solutions (Systems integration, consultancy and performance management).

The company has over 1,000 employees and 15 offices throughout the UK with headquarters in Glasgow and Burton-on-Trent.